• 24/7 professional support 
  • On-site assistance thanks to our extensive network 
  • Complete process control and assistance case handling 
  • Easy access to medical care for your customers
  • Added value for automotive, insurance companies &, banks, retail and corporate services

Emergency Assistance

Europ Assistance provides emergency medical assistance to support our customers in times of need. From sending an ambulance instantly to the point of incident, follow [...]

PPO and TPA Services

As your third party administrator, Europ Assistance supports your insured as third party administrator (TPA) for care management during the complete operational workflow for [...]

Corporate Health Management

Corporate health management are the combined efforts of the employers and employees aiming at sustaining occupational health.   Europ Assistance health specialists support  to evaluate and [...]

Travel for Treatment

In cooperation with our Turkish and worldwide medical network of companies and providers, our clients and their insured members benefit from access to the [...]

Cost Containment

Our best-practice cost management solutions for domestic and international clients are focussed on the three key elements of healthcare: access to the treatment, quality [...]

Chronic Disease Assistance

Chronic diseases may have a strong effects on the patient’s quality of life.  For that reason, Europ Assistance develops tailor made care solutions including providing [...]