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EA Network

  • An international on-the-spot network
  • 33 subsidiaries on five continents
  • 425.000 service providers on call 24/7
  • 8.000 staff in 44 offices worldwide
An international network of Europ Assistance employees and contracted partners provides you with assistance services, worldwide and non-stop 24 hours per day.
The Europ Assistance network combines global efficiency with local solutions. As Europ Assistance Group, we provide a broad range of care services with an outstanding reaction time by relying on the following levers of teamwork:
44 affiliates and subcompanies on 5 continents. The local presence grants perfect knowledge of the on-site conditions, understanding for regional characteristics and expertise about market conventions and the respective regulations.
8.000 employees. In order to grant the highest service level solutions to its customers 24/7, Europ Assistance employs 4.700 care service operators in 35 assistance operation centers.
425.000 service providers, ready for service day and night. To immediately solve our customers’ requests all over the world and find solutions for complex problems in realtime, Europ Assistance developed a network of various providers. These networks are monitored and operated within the framework of the four main business lines of the Europ Assistance Group of Companies.
208 countries covered with our worldwide provider network of contracted group partners. As direct liaision, the local Europ Assistance partner supports our affiliates in finding the most suitable on-site solution for all our customers’ requests..
To grant the highest service level quality, Europ Assistance is working only with strategically selected partner companies and contracted providers with expertise in their field of activity to provide solutions to our national and international customers. 
If you want to become part of our professional network, please send the detailed application indicating your company’s capacities to network@europ-assistance.com.tr