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EA Commitment

  • Anywhere in the world: A global network
  • Proximity: On-the-spot services
  • Innovation: Solutions enhanced by new technology
  • Tailor-made: Tools to help you at any time 
  • The Care ethic: care, kindness and professionalism
Anywhere in the world...
Through our international network, we ensure that you get an on-the-spot service with a human face, wherever you are, 24/7.
In an innovative…
By incorporating new technologies, being attentive to your changing needs and developing tools to help you in your everyday life, Europ Assistance is inventing the personalised assistance services of the future.
Social Responsibility is primordial in our vision. We act responsibly towards our customers and staff. We create numerous local partnerships and initiatives to promote our values and foster exchanges and solidarity.
and personalized way
Care Services embody the culture of the tailor-made. We know your needs, and are in a position to develop products and services to meet those needs.